There’s a lot of talk about improving isn’t there?

    If you can sharpen your saw in some way you’ll cut faster.

    If you improve your footwear you’ll run faster.

    If you sleep better you’ll approach your work with more energy.

    These are all true.

    But is there enough attention given to simply doing?

    Nothing happens without action.  And, most of the time, you already have a good sense of what you need to do.

    I’m not saying work more hours.

    No.  It’s do more. 

    But, I hear you say, how can you do more without working more, particularly if you’re not bringing anything new to the game?

    The good news is that it’s possible.  Salespeople who have annual targets often sell more in December.  Why?

    The next time you’re going on holidays, you’ll possibly achieve more in the run-up to the holiday.  Why?

    The common denominator there is a firm end-date.  Firm end-dates boost intensity.

    And intensity is the secret sauce.

    If you make no change whatsoever other than to increase your intensity, you will do more.

    But, most of the time you don’t have an end of year coming up. And, most months & weeks, you don’t have a holiday coming up.

    How then can you tweak how you work to have more firm end-dates and thereby (hopefully) improve your intensity?

    One way is to leverage accountability.

    Say what you’re going to do, and by when, to another human being.

    Someone whom you trust.  Someone who won’t be too soft with you.  Someone who is also in business.  Someone whom you’ll engage with regularly.

    This can be an accountability “buddy“.

Alternatively, you may want to consider using a specialist – like me! If you want to explore this further, book a short and free call here and let’s quickly see if the fit is right.