This blog is not about the race for the Democratic nomination for the upcoming US presidential election.

    But it was prompted by something said about one of the nominees.

    And that nominee is one of two billionaires seeking the nomination – Michael Bloomberg.  One of his aides said recently of Bloomberg:

    Mike is a data-driven guy. When he sees data is working, he doubles down.

    The context for that comment was how Bloomberg’s high ad-spend is achieving some decent results.  So they’re going to do more.

    They’re going to do more of what works.

    As can you!

    If you get a positive financial ROI out of your Google Ads spend, and you haven’t exhausted all the traffic for your keywords, you should (if cashflow permits) increase your ad spend.

    If you’re a hospital manager, and you hear from staff nurses that morale among the nursing staff got a boost from you taking a stroll through the wards, then you should (as time permits) be seen on the wards more.

    If you boost your prices by 10% for a limited period and the hike doesn’t impact your conversion rate, then you should increase your prices further – at least until you get pushback.

    Recently I visited a client to say hello, to see how some recent work she did had panned out, and fill her in on a couple of developments in my business.   I wasn’t looking for a PO.  But, at the end of the meeting, she said “while you’re here I might have some work for you”.  And a request for proposal ensued.

    So guess what?  I’m going to continue to visit clients.  I’m a genius I am.

    There are no guarantees of course – for me or for you.

    You might get a positive result from something, decide to repeat the activity that you think produced the positive result, and not get the same result.  And that’s ok.  You still did the right thing in trying something that was based on real data.

    As per “Mike” Bloomberg, double down when something works.  It might just work again!  And, if it does, maybe there’s the beginning of a habit there!

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