I met a friend of mine recently for a cuppa at a local hotel.  Just before our scheduled rendezvous he sent me a message:

    If you are here.. where are you?   

    When we sat down, we had a giggle over how his question sounded philosophical.

    But let’s apply the question.  Right now.  To your business.

    Where is your business at?

    Not geographically.  But in terms of its performance. 

    Worsening?  Improving?  On a plateau?

    How do you measure that?  Sales?  Profitability?  Execution against strategic goals?  Gut?  Other?

    Do you really know?  And don’t be insulted by that question.  Believe you me, I encounter lots of business-owners who do not know their numbers.

    Are you trying to improve your business?  Working not just in the business but on it?

    If you’re just treading water then that’s your prerogative.  But, as in all areas of life, you then need to deal with the consequences of your (in)action. 

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