You’re probably familiar with the potential downside to pursuing perfection in business (and some other arenas too).

    If you strive to make something perfect you’ll never finish it!      The saying “perfection is the enemy of progress” captures it nicely.

    There’s another downside too – that your definition of perfection might be flawed – but that’s a topic for another day.

    But neither do you want to give yourself licence to slack off.  So there’s a balance to be struck – to make progress but to do so with adequate quality.

    How to strike that balance?  The Agile approach to project management and software development is one way.  You could do worse than to familiarise yourself with how Agile can be applied to business operations.  The essence of it is striving to deliver continuously while also being responsive to change.

    But this stuff won’t happen by accident.  It needs a certain mindset.  It needs discipline.  It needs buy-in.

    I’ll leave you with one simple example.  Today is July 21st. Have you reviewed Q2 and reflected on it and decided what to change (and target) in Q3?

    This doesn’t need you to spend thousands on a fancy offsite.  No.  But it does need you to set aside a modest amount of time to review, reflect, think, and plan.

    Do you and your business a favour.  Give yourself the permission and time to do that work. 

    Or don’t – and instead just trundle along.

    The choice is yours – as is your responsibility for accepting the consequences.

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