Covid doesn’t care.

    How weary you are.

    Or what date it is, e.g., that here in Ireland we’re looking to re-open somewhat on April 5th.

    Or that our kids, from a socialisation & mental health point of view, would benefit hugely from being back in school.

    Or that we can’t visit family or friends.

    Or that I missed my Mam’s 98th birthday – quite possibly her last birthday.

    Or that your business may be suffering.

    Covid just carries on regardless. It can’t reproduce without help. So, it invades other cells and turns those other cells into factories where the virus is made.

    I know that’s blunt. But it’s the truth.

    Covid doesn’t care about your business.

    Your challenge is to operate in spite of it.

    Yes, the vaccinations are rolling out. And hopefully we’ll reach a point where we look at Covid the way we look at the flu.

    But, for you and me, hope isn’t a strategy.

    We’ve to find a way forward, in spite of Covid (and the rest of the uncaring universe).

    We’ve to look inwards – at ourselves. But therein lies the good news. There is always something you can do to move forward. And you can always do this in spite of Covid. And in spite of all other obstacles.

    This is only possible though if you take responsibility for your own success. If you maintain a steady focus on what you can do for your business, rather than what the universe can do for you.

    What are you going to do next for your business?

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