Here’s a guess about you.

    At some point, in the distant past, someone urged you to be careful about a person/crowd you were involved with.

    It may have been a parent, an older sibling, a teacher.  But, from a position of caring, they felt it important to offer you advice. 

    And they may have used that immortal phrase- “Birds of a feather flock together“.

    You may in turn have said it to a younger person that you care about.  Maybe regarding a kid at your child’s school who’s a drug user.

    It’s the cycle of life.  If you have kids, they’ll probably talk similarly to their children one day.

    You’re in business.  Everyone you choose to meet with, to engage with, to supply to, to buy from, to network with, typically tends towards being either negative or positive.  Yes, we all have bad days and good days.  And our moods can be affected by those external circumstances.  But we have an “average” view of things.

    Can you guess where I’m going with this?

    You can choose which cohort of birds to flock with.  The one thing you’ll always have, notwithstanding circumstances, is choice.

    We’re in the throes of Covid 19.  We’ll soon have the end of the Brexit transition period.  Working capital will be problematic.  Governments aren’t handing out large grants and credit will remain tight for some time because banks don’t have the visibility they need to confidently lend.  Etc., etc.

    But you still have choice.  I had a zoom call on Wednesday morning for 2 hours with a bunch of other business owners where we were mentored by a sage who’s helping us progress our businesses.  The atmosphere was positive and proactive.  I could instead have chosen to have a virtual coffee with a business colleague who’s perennially downbeat.

    Choose wisely!

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