It’s late on a Friday – at least in Ireland.

    And I’m much later than normal posting what has sort of become a weekly blog. Or most weeks to be more accurate!

    Let me quickly tell you why (the lateness).

    I had a sales call earlier today.  It was booked a few days ago by someone who’d filled in a contact form on my website.  The sales call went well and I got my desired outcome, i.e., a request for quote.

    More precisely, a request for 3 quotes on three projects that fit under an umbrella.  I did the sums and the umbrella’s aggregate price would be my biggest ever sale.

    So because of the size of the potential job, I changed my plans and worked on the quotes.  I’ve delivered 2 of them and will deliver the 3rd just as soon as I get one piece of information from the prospective client. 

    Was I right to adjust the sequence of my tasks?

    Was I right to push a few tasks out past the end of today that I’d otherwise have finished?

     Of course I was. 

    Those other tasks weren’t urgent and there’s no downside to them not happening today.  (They’ll possibly be done over the weekend – if the mood grabs me.)

    Will I get the job?

    Who knows. 

    That’s not the point.  The point is that we need to be flexible to be able to adapt our plans to compelling opportunities.

    Stay flexible.

PS: The quote is for a completely different business of mine.  And there’s no harm in me occasionally reminding you of its existence.  Check out some case studies for that business. 

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