I just checked google and the phrase “new year’s resolution” appeared nearly 8 million times, 7870000 to be precise.

But here’s an idea for you – a different type of resolution. How about a New Day’s Resolution?

Why wait till 2021?

Why wait till next month?

Why even wait till next week?

How about tomorrow? How about you make that change tomorrow?

Let’s take my pushups as an example.

Am I injured? No.

Have I the time? Yes.

Have I the ability? Yes.

So have I any excuse for not doing 100+ pushups tomorrow? Absolutely not.

Is there some positive change you have in mind for your business life? Then what about making a start Monday (or whatever day you’re next working)? Or, if it’s in your personal life, how about tomorrow (or whatever day you’re next off work)?

I said above that my son challenged me to make the pushups resolution. And I accepted the challenge. And we can’t renege on commitments to our kids, can we? By making the commitment to him I’ve increased my chances of doing the pushups.

You can use the same technique with any resolutions you make at work. Tell someone what you’re committing too. I don’t mean any great social media declaration. No. Just a private commitment to one other human being whom you don’t want to let down.

I’ve customers achieving their goals because of their own hard work. But they’re helped in doing that hard work by making commitments to me about what actions they’ll take, what tasks they’ll accomplish. If you’d like to learn more about this, book a 15-minute slot in my calendar here and I’ll call you at the designated time.

Meanwhile, I’m off to do some pushups!

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