Have you watched it? 

    I’ve just started the final ever episode – and I’ve loved it – the sort of show where you feel you’ve really gotten to know the characters and you’re going to miss them when it’s all over.

    Gloria is one of those main characters – rough around the edges – but with a kindness to her.  In an episode I saw recently, she is trying to boost the mood of her friend “Red” who’s going through a rough patch.  Red is wondering if she (Red) has lost a part of herself.

    Gloria tries to comfort Red by saying: “I think the way we get back to… who we were before is by doing the things we did before“.

    Gloria is layered.  Complex.  But very practical.  She considers what’s a priority, what’s within her control, and then gets on with it.  That attitude is captured perfectly in her advice to Red.

    You and I have good days.  And not so good days.  That’s the nature of business.  And there’s a randomness to some of that.  Luck and bad luck.

    But there are also patterns.

    When things are going well it is often because of things that you are doing.  Because of ways that you are behaving.  Because of ways that you are thinking.

    That experience offers us a reservoir that we can draw on to help us move forward.

    Gloria is encouraging Red to draw on that reservoir.  And we all have such a reservoir available to us that we can tap into.

So the next time you’re aware of things not going well, take a moment.  Consider what you’re doing or failing to do compared to the last time things were going well.  That simple exercise may give you a steer on how you can nudge things in a more positive direction.

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