A salesman came to the door last week.  

    My son answered.

    “Is your Mam or Dad home?

    “Yeah my dad’s here – hang on and I’ll get him.

    Sons can forget.  Like forget to tell salespeople that their dad is at work.

    Anyway, the salesman had a brief conversation with me – basically him learning that the timing wasn’t right – even though he promised to reduce my energy bills. 

    The conversation included me asking:

    “Do you have any leaflet you can leave with me detailing your offer?”

    “No“.  Funny that eh?

    His closing salvo was “I’ll pop around again and I’ll give you 5 minutes of my time.”

    That emphasis is mine – because by patronising me he killed his prospects of ever doing business with me.

    Your providers come into your life only with your permission.

    It’s you who holds the keys to the kingdom.

    And it’s the exact same with your clients.  You don’t need to sell to any particular person.  You can choose.

    And you can choose when to let a client go – just like a provider.

    Are you happy at work?  If yes, great.  If not, might it be because of some of the clients you’ve let in?

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