There was a question on LinkedIn recently as to what to do if a client calls on weekends.

    What would you do?

    Answer on autopilot? 

    Answer out of curiosity?

    Ignore it and then check later if they left a voicemail?

    Ignore it?

    Decide whether or not to answer based on who it is and/or what projects you’re working on for them?

    My response?  Just two words:

    “Never happens“.

    The only time a client calls me at the weekend is a particular client who’s more importantly my friend and the calls are about us arranging when/where to drink our pints.

    Clients treat you the way you let them – the way you train them to.

    Boundaries are healthy.  And helpful.  But they need to be established.  And clear.  And cultivated.

    Good productivity is productivity that’s sustainable in a healthy way.  And that needs boundaries. 

    You’re the gatekeeper!

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