Recently I got a call from a friend who runs his own business.

    He was calling me a couple of hours later than he had intended to.

    That [delay] didn’t bother me at all.  When I’d asked him to call me I’d said it wasn’t urgent and he could do it at his leisure sometime, e.g., when he’s on the road.

    So he was obliging me by making the call at all.

    However, he still opened the conversation by apologising. 

    “The time-robbers got at me” he said.


    Do you have them?

    I know your answer – a resounding “yes“.  We all have time-robbers.

    The real question is: how good are you at resisting their temptations?

    You’ll have good days and bad days.  Good weeks and bad weeks.  Because you’re human.  You’re not ChatGPT.

    It’s about getting the balance right, isn’t it?  Not being too easy on yourself.  But also, not being too harsh.

    Here’s a way for you to check how you’re doing on striking that balance.

    Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to track your time in 15 minute intervals for a week. 

    Neither am I going to ask you to start counting the number of times you check your phone today.

    Just do this:

    1: After you finish reading this blog, if you haven’t done so already, write down or type the remaining tasks you plan to take care of at work today.  

    2: Until those tasks are all finished, note what (if anything) takes your attention away from them.

    I’m not judging you if your attention is taken away.  That might be warranted, e.g., an important call you’ve been waiting on. 

    You’ll be your own judge.

    If your attention is not taken away – fabulous.

    If it is, look at the reasons and ask yourself which of them were legitimate.

    The remainder?  They’re your time-robbers.

    Clear & honest awareness is a start!

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