Every day you make decisions. 

    You typically can’t, with any certainty, know in advance what the result will be.  You just make the best decision you can with the information at your disposal.

    And your decisions are sometimes good.  Sometimes bad.  That’s life.  Beating yourself up over mistakes is a waste of time and energy.  What’s more important is your next decision.  So – how can you improve your future decisions?

    Tip #1: Improve your decision-making by making decisions when you’re mentally at your freshest – for many people that’s first thing in the morning.  Why?  Decision fatigue is real.  Your willpower is a finite resource and is depleted by decisions.

    Tip #2: Have rules for your business – for yourself.  There are lots of good reasons to have rules.  But the one that’s relevant here is that, if you have rules for yourself, then you don’t need to make a decision when confronted with a familiar situation.  E.g., if you have a rule that you don’t work for free, you’ve no decision to make if someone asks you to do work for them for free.  If you have a rule that you always get a deposit, then you don’t need to make a decision when someone wants to only pay at the end.

    Tip#1 will directly help your decision-making.  Tip#2 is more indirect; it will reduce the number of decisions you need to make – thereby giving you more energy for the remaining decisions.